Hello there, my name is Ben.

I am desperately trying to not use the word ‘I’ so much here.

This is a project of an Albertan-raised writer based currently in Edmonton, with a mixed ethnicity of near-equal parts Canadian (by way of Ukraine) and Papua New Guinean.  Yeah, that’s a story in itself.  I’ve been writing fiction for years.  This is my first work that’s been thrown to the wolves, while in bits and pieces, still in the making.

It’s an attempt at a serial-style novel, which I have never done before.  I’ll need any luck you can wish!

I usually write and read good escapist genre fiction, and while this probably will qualify as such, there’s no supernatural business (my favourite window-dressing!), no fantasy, magic, magic realism, cool lasers and spaceship battles, and so on.  Okay maybe a touch of magic realism.

I am an ASoIaF fan so hardcore that I wrote crossover fan-fiction for it (The Wire, if you’re that curious), and could probably lead a fake-history seminar on the world.

Also, cats are loveable villains, bugs are fascinating, and video games are neat-o, now more than ever.