Hello and Welcome

So, what is this exactly?  In it’s most bare sense, this is a serial.  An adventure story, a discovery of places and disparate people and maybe, hopefully, a bit of heroism after struggle and downfall.  It is of some length with a beginning, middle, and end.  Hopefully with exciting and thoughtful bits inbetween.  I will endeavour to post short updates most Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, parts that will form up a whole.

It is also a semi-fictional tale.  Taking inspiration from a few favourite books and real life figures who have done similar with writing or film or artwork, this is a story that explores parts of the world with myself as the sometimes reluctant, sometimes foolishly eager protagonist.  The character most certainly is myself, with my thoughts and behaviours and history and experiences (with some light adjustment and wish fulfilment here and there), but the events and people here never existed.

This is also something that you can freely discuss with me while it develops.  Some of the tale has been planned, other parts are up in the air.  Talk to me, let me know what you enjoy, and what you don’t.  Things like facts or rationality might not be at the forefront at times; this is usually intentional (or just my own oversight, oops).  I’d also like to do some side features, such as annotations sometime, I’ll have to see if anyone wants something like that.

It will be up to you to decide if this is some weird narcissism, charming adventure, or an honest laying open of oneself through fiction.

Either way, there’s still the journey ahead.  Enjoy!

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